Friday, September 28, 2007

Customers and Cusstermurz.

At one point in time I was a chipper phone jockey who belived in serving the greater good of my fellow man, chipper voice, a gleam in my eye and a song in my heart. Then I started taking phone calls.....

I have observed over the many years of phone jockeydom (tm pending) a complete and utter truth. There are 2 kinds of people who call in and they have 2 distinct flavors of how they affect your day.

Customers-The customer is an individual that uses your company's service(s). These intrepid individuals rely on my help to fix problems they have encountered during the use of my employer's service(s). Here are their notable traits..

-Calling in with all the neccisary information to a situation
-Listening to directions
-Common courtesy.
-Straightforward approach to presenting their problems to me in a comprehendible fashion.
-Logical thinking

Cusstermurz-An individual who uses our company's service(s) and does not follow instructions or completely dissreguards them thus causing problems for themselves and others.Their all consuming goal is to call in and try to
A) Ruin your day.
B) Con your employer out of money
C) Pick fights over the phone with people they have never met. OR
D) All of the above

Cusstermurz have the following traits:
-LACK of common courtesey
-Pretending or being deaf
-Doing exactly what you told them NOT to do
- Cussing when you tell them no
-Lying to get out of a lie
-Name calling like it is their secret weapon
-Blaming the "company" for their own ingorance.

It honestly saddens me that the Cusstermurz call in and waste my time because that takes away from the time I can be using to help Customers.Most of the time of my day I deal with Cusstermurz instead of Customers and it sucks....bad.

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