Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Pollux vs. Human Resources

By now if you have been reading this BLOG its clearly apparent that I don't like ignorance and or people messing with me or people messing with other people without a good reason. And if you did not pickup on that you should have by that last sentence.

Couple weeks ago one of my co-workers who also happens to been a long time friend of mine long before we were both employed at the same place had our wonderful HR managers show up on his desk and left him a lovely note to remove an article from his desk because it was deemed to be religious and some person who has a void in their life decided they could only fill it by reporting it to HR. The article just had a woman drawn on it wearing apparel that people would have wore back in that time. I had no idea that a woman wearing a robe was some type of religion if that was the case once I get married I will have my wife wear a robe constantly so I can brag about how I can stay at home and be at church at the same time.

Anyway back on topic, their removal of said article offended his sensibilites and he disputed their decision, their response was that anything of a religious nature could not be displayed on company property, remember picture of a woman in robe from old times, not like it was a picture of Jesus on a cross saying "WORSHIP ME OR BURN IN HELL!!". My compadre also pointed out other people who had articles of religeon on their desk and their response was "Well that's different." So me and my other co-worker Bill, who is also a long standing friend of mine, decide to lend the support of the Jewish community to his aid by displaying Stars of David on our desk in the open. So far they have not forced me to remove them. But I have some fun planed in store when and if they do.

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