Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Happy Holliday, Dirtbags!!!

Ah, Thanksgiving, the time of year where we all get together and feast and celebrate thanks for the things in the world we do have. Uppon the week of this noble holliday most of the general populace of the United States takes it easy, even the everyday asshole usualy has a little bit brighter temper. But nooooooooo not my customers. Truck Rental customers take no rest in their stupid blind assholery no matter what time of year. I mean do these people have such shitty lives that they would rather call in and argue over the phone with a complete stranger than take the time to have fun and spend time with their families?

The answer is yes, yes they are that pathetic.

Me: Thank you for calling _____ Customer Service. How may I help you?

Idiot: Yeah my truck there was a problem with it, the brakes smoked and shook violently my family and I could have been killed.

Me: Did you call roadside assistance?

Idiot: No I had to move I did not have time to wait for them to repair.

Me: Wait, wait wait, So you are telling me that the brakes were smoking and you were affraid for you and your family's life but you still drove the truck and declined roadside assistance?

Idiot: Yes.

(I ask him the same question 3 other times to make sure that the stupidity I am hearing from him is indeed real.)

Me: Well sir since you declined roadside assistance there is nothing I can do for you.


Me: Well you could have made the safe choice for your family and sucked it up and waited for roadside instead of driving with a hazardous truck and endangering your family, but what to I know I am just some guy on a phone in Michigan.

Idiot: I want to talk to your manager!!!

Me: He can't man he is too busy talking to people with common sense, he won't be able to understand you.


Me: See you didn't even understand what I said just now...


Me: And I want to work 8 hour days surfing the internet with no phone calls but we don't always get what we want.

*I hang up the phone*

I takes a special kind of idiot to risk his family just because he is on a timetable. I guess this thanksgiving his family will be thankfull that their ignorant husband/father didn't get them killed.

Lesson is, our customers never take hollidays they are complete tards all year around.

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