Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I'm not rude, I am just a more talented speaker than you.

My councilor often tells me that one of the common "rifts" between me and the people I talk to is the style of communication I have.(Yes I have a councilor.) The direct style of communication means I don't wast time I get to the point, get the facts and get done with a clam,clinical manner this style is only shared with 5% of the people in the world. The other 95% get pissy when I won't conform to their assbackward, inefficient style of conversing.

Here is an example:

Me: Thank you for calling __________ customer service may I have your reference number so I can help you today?

Inefficient Fool: Yes I didn't get my deposit.I dropped off my truck yesterday and paid with a credit card.

(note the customer did not give me any info like I asked..strike one)

Me: Well generally speaking since I don't have your information deposits take seven to 10 business days to post.

Inefficient Fool: Well they told me at the dealer 3 days...

Me: I apologize if you were misinformed but it takes seven to ten business days.

Inefficient Fool: I want a manager you are rude!!!

(And before I can transfer the customer hangs up, and no I didn't do it this time.)

Yes I am Pollux Strike, Rude Bastard and Call Center Hero.....I'm waiting.

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Elke said...

Keep up the good work.